It’s not just about furniture—it is about Balinese interiors that are often nothing short of artworks and simply cannot be described. The attention to detail is extraordinary and every tiny corner and aspect tells a unique story—It surprises and makes the everyday a little less ordinary.

We believe that everyone should be able to appreciate the majesty and authenticity of Bali and literally Take Happiness Home.

At INBALI we design and source handcrafted furniture and decoration, where traditional Balinese style meets contemporary design. It is with a search inspired by modern society—where the concepts of well-being and happiness are more and more prominent—that we have attentively selected unique items that have their own story and soul, bringing an affordable and authentic Balinese experience into your own home.

Our philosophy is based on sustaining traditional and natural production processes and our products support and empower small, local and family-run businesses. The partners we work with support their local communities through employment opportunities and the preservation of rare and diminishing artisanal skills.


Each piece is handcrafted using solid exotic hardwood found in Bali and Java. Uniquely designed and styled with the same attention to details using natural organic materials.


The surprising and the standalone. We focus on intricate details that make a piece iconic and exceptional. It’s a labour of love, but we’re only happy when it’s good enough for our own home.


Balinese style, Balinese spirit. Experience a peaceful environment with our furniture, aspiring to well-being and a positive state-of-mind. Love living in an exotic Balinese dream home!


Our goal is to bring you the best quality at the most direct prices. To achieve this, we cut our retail overheads and minimise environmental impact by only manufacturing and shipping what is required.

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